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Click the link accompanying the template you desire below to load a pre-sized blank template into's editor!'s editor is a very Photoshop-like web application that has layers, text layers, effects and filters, masking via selections, color correction, and a host of other very cool and useful image design tools. It is easy to use and fun, with extensive help files and tutorials available. And best of all, it is totally free!


NOTE:The latest Adobe Flash Player update broke Pixlr Templates in the Chrome browser in Windows 8. Go to Flash Other Versions and install the version for Opera and Chromium and that fixes it!


This video explains the basics of how to use these templates:

Video: Pixlr Editor Tutorial
Using's Templates

Shows how to use's editor to create cover images, profile images, and banners for Google+, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and display ads for AdWords

Also, if you missed the Pixlr webinars I presented, the entire third one is available to watch at YouTube here:

Using to Create Quick Images

(watch these videos full-screen at 720p for best effect.)

Table of Contents

Google Plus


YouTube Live Events




iTunes Podcast Cover Art


8-1/2 X 11 Flyers


Mobile Banner Common Sizes

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If you would like to have the files to edit in your local editor instead, download this zip file.

Google-Plus Image Formats

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

NEW! Google Plus Profile Picture template (1036 x 1036) with 100-pixel Padding Regions Shown
Use "Load Image as Layer" from the Layers pallette, move the layer beneath the padding bars, edit your photo to fit, un-check or delete the padding bars layer, and save as a JPEG to upload.

NEW! Google Plus Collections Cover (1080 x 607)

Google Plus Cover (1080 x 608)
A good article on changing your cover to optimize for SEO is here (except the new size is 1080x608): Article on Adding a Cover

Google Plus "Lower Third" template for Google Hangouts On Air (1280 x 720)
(Always save as a PNG file to preserve the transparency you need!)
A good article on changing your "Lower-Third" is here:
Article and Video on Adding a Lower Third to use with Hangouts Toolbox

Google Plus Event Header template (1200 x 300)
Some good guidelines can be found here: Why Images Are An Important Aspect of Google Plus

Google Plus Video Thumbnail Image template for "Scheduled Hangouts On Air" ( 738x 415)

NEW Google Plus Community Badge Photo (360x203)

YouTube Image Formats

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

YouTube Custom Thumbnail Image (requires your account be validated and possess good-standing status) (1280 x 720) (Save as JPG or PNG filetype - BMP and GIF also allowed)
See this YouTube help page for more information.

YouTube Cover Images

See this article for guidelines from YouTube on how to best proceed:
YouTube Cover Guidelines

But see this BETTER article to show how THAT article is inadequate for your needs:
YouTube Channel Art Template from GREG TRUJILLO

As Pixlr works fine with layers, you may find it handy to open this layered file that contains the full size cover and layers representing the "Safe" and "Flexible" areas. The following is a three-layered file in the native Pixlr format:
YouTube Cover With Banner Layers (2560 x 1440) Now includes Logo as suggested by Greg Trujillo
Use Layer==>Open Image As Layer and drag that layer below the "Safe" and "Flexible" layers to see where they will be. (Unlock the main bottom layer by clicking on the little padlock in the layers palette - you can throw that away if you do not use it.) Un-check layers if you want to hide them during saving.

Or here is a full-size template and the other sizes as templates if you find that more useful:
YouTube Cover (2560 x 1440)
YouTube Cover Desktop Banner (2560 x 423)
YouTube Cover Desktop Banner "Safe Area" (1546 x 423)

YouTube Live Events: OBS, Wirecast, Xsplit, etc. Images for Masks

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

Mask templates for inserting an Hangout-on-air or other content into a window in OBS ( or any other video switching software.
For these two:
1) load up the one you want based on the size of your streaming project for YouTube Live Events (most likely using 720p), then
2)load in an image from the Layers menu (Load image from computer or URL as a layer) and size it or crop it to fit. Then
3) change to the layer this template is on, (You can move the box if you like with the move tool.)
4) CTRL-Click on this layer to make a selection,
5) change back to the layer your image is on, and hit the Delete key to punch out a hole.
Or if you would rather use a mask, invert the selection from the Edit menu ("Invert selection") and create a mask from the 2nd button beneath the layers.
6) Deselect your selection from the Edit menu or by switching back to this template's layer and hitting CTRL-D.
YouTube Live Event Background with Window for Hangout-On-Air etc. 720p (1280 x 720)
YouTube Live Event Background with Window for Hangout-On-Air etc. 1080p (1920 x 1080)

LinkedIn Image Formats

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

LinkedIn Cover Desktop Banner (646 x 220)
LinkedIn Profile Picture (100 x 60)

Twitter Image Formats

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

Twitter Header Image (1500 x 500)
Reportedly, Twitter will crop ~57 pixels off the top & ~59 pixels off the bottom of the image.
Twitter Profile Picture (400 x 400)
Twitter Background Image No Longer Used (2560 x 1600)

Facebook Image Formats

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

Facebook Cover Image (851 x 315) with layers showing where profile pic covers it over
(Unlock the bottom layer to delete it if you like by clicking on the little padlock in the layers palette.)
Facebook Cover Image (851 x 315) without layers
Facebook GROUP Cover Image (801 x 250) without layers
Facebook Profile Picture (180 x 180)
Facebook App Image (111 x 74)

Facebook Event Banner Image (784 x 295)

Facebook Optimal Post Image Size (1200 x 1200)

Facebook Optimal Featured Image Size (1200 x 630)

Facebook Minimum Shareable Image (200 x 200)
This is the minimum size and image must be to be included in the list of images it will offer the user when they share the web page on Facebook.

iTunes Podcast Cover Art

Supported image types

Formats: jpg (preferred), png

iTunes Podcast Cover Art - Minimum Size (1400 x 1400)

iTunes Podcast Cover Art - Maximum Size Allowed (3000 x 3000)

BandCamp Banner Image

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

BandCamp Banner Image (1920 x 100)

8.5 X 11 Flyer - 150ppi and 300ppi

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png

These two are un-tested as of right now - you may need to select "Borderless Printing" on your print software to get it to work right without shrinking the image to fit the printer's border restrictions... You probably can crop these to fit using Pixlr's crop tool if the printer is giving you a "too-wide" type error.

8.5 X 11 Flyer 150ppi Printing

8.5 X 11 Flyer 300ppi Printing

Google AdWords/AdSense Image Ad Formats

Supported image types

Formats: gif, jpg, png, swf

Some of the items below may no longer be in use by AdWords/AdSense.
Check this table of current sizes to make sure the size is still in use.

(NEW!) Wide Banner (970 x 250)

(NEW!) Tall Banner (300 x 1050)

See this blog post for more information on the new large banner sizes.

Leaderboard (728 x 90)
View examples of placement
Banner (468 x 60)
View examples of placement

Small Square (200 x 200) Skyscraper
(120 x 600)
Wide Skyscraper
(160 x 600)
Small square
View examples of placement

Square (250 x 250)Inline
View examples of placement

Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)

View examples of placement

Large Rectangle (336 x 280)Inline
View examples of placement
View examples of placement
Wide Skyscraper
View examples of placement

Mobile image ads

Note: All image ads pictured on this page appear as they would on an XHTML mobile web page. The appearance of an ad's "user bar" -- consisting of an "[Ad]" tag and the Display URL -- can vary slightly depending upon a page's markup language.

Acceptable file formats: .gif, .jpg, .png

Mobile ad formats for iPhones and other mobile devices with full HTML browsers

These sizes are available for campaigns that are device platform targeting image ads to iPhones and similar mobile devices with full browsers.

Mobile Leaderboard (300 x 50)
Banner 300 x 50

Small Square (200 x 200)
Small square 200 x 200

Square (250 x 250)
Square 250 x 250

Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
banner 300 x 250

MMA-compliant sizes

6:1 Aspect Ratio

Banner (300 x 50) -- up to 7.5k
Banner 300 x 50

Banner (216 x 36) -- up to 4.5k
Banner 216 x 36

Banner (168 x 28) -- up to 3k
Banner 168 x 28

4:1 Aspect Ratio

Banner (300 x 75) -- up to 7.5k
Banner 300 x 75

Banner (216 x 54) -- up to 4.5k
Banner 216 x 54

Banner (168 x 42) -- up to 3k
Banner 168 x 42

Japan standard size

192 x 53 -- up to 5k
Banner 192 x 53

Click-to-play video ad samples

Not Pixlr Templates - shown for information only.

Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
View examples of placement
Large Rectangle
View examples of placement
To see in-stream, graphical, and text overlay video ads samples that have appeared on Google Display Network websites, see these video ad demos.

Extra Stuff

Avatar Image 100X100
WP Local Pro Post Image 269X166
WP Local Pro Logo Image 670X70
WP Local Pro Header Image 1120X175

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